1. VII Moscow International Congress  «Biotechnology: State of the Art and Prospects of Development»  March 19-22, 2013and XI International Specialized Exhibition  «Biotech World’ 2013»March 19-23, 2013The House of Moscow Government (Novy Arbat Str., 36/9)http://www.mosbiotechworld.ru/eng/

  2.  Festival of Science  Moscow M.V. Lomonosov State Univercity, 12 - 14 October 2012.  Prof. A.V.Kabanov  Lecture, October 14, 2012 at the Festival http://www.festivalnauki.ru/

  3. 8-th FENS FORUM OF NEUROSCIENCES, 14-18 July 2012 Barcelona, Spain. http://fens2012.neurosciences.asso.fr/

  4.  76th PRAGUE MEETING ON MACROMOLECULES POLYMERS IN MEDICINE 2012,  1 - 5 JULY 2012  PRAGUE CZECH REPUBLIC http://www.imc.cas.cz/sympo/pmm2012/

  5. The 11th Meeting on Cholinesterases, 4-9. June 2012, Kazan, Kazan Research Center of the Academy of Sciences http://www.11che.ru/home.html

  6. Russian-Greek symposium with international participation of Russian-Hellenic symposium with international participation «Bionanotox»,  6-13 May 2012 Heraklion, Greece, Heraklion University, Research Center for Toxicology http://www.bionanotox.org/

  7.  II Russian National scientific conference for the 95th N.S. Prostakov anniversary  "The successes of synthesis and complexation" 23-27 April 2012 Moscow, Russian University of Peoples' Friendship http://elementy.ru/events/430810

  8. XIX-Youth International Conference "Lomonosov" (section "Chemistry") 9-13 April 2012 Moscow, Moscow State University Lenyskie Gory 1, bd 3. http://lomonosov-msu.ru/rus/lomonosov.html

  9. International scientific-practical conference "Pharmaceutical and Medical Biotechnology" 20-22 March 2012 Moscow http://www.mosbiotechworld.ru/rus http://www.rusnano.com/about/press-centre/news/75145

  10.  Lectures in honor of M.V. Lomonosov, Celebration of the 300th anniversary of M.V.Lomonosov,  14-19 November 2011 http://www.msu.ru/lomonosov/conf-mle.html

  11. Int. Symp. "Exosomes and Microvesicles 2011", October 15-17, 2011 Orlando, USA, http://nanoparticles.org/meetings/

  12.  The Ninth Int. Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery Symposium (NanoDDS'11), 15-16, October, 2011 Salt Lake City, Utah, USAhttp://www.nanodds.org/template_view.cfm?PageID=26

  13. 1International School "Nanomaterials and nanotechnology in living systems. Safety and nanomedicine ", September 19-24, 2011, Moscow Region, Stupino district (JSC" MoscowCenter for Technology Transfer ») http://www.nanobionanomed.ru/info-ru.html


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