He smiled at me, “You want coffee? He pulled on his jumped and grabbed his wallet before he grabbed my hand and we walked out of the house. On our way to Starbucks a young girl walked up to us. Phil shook his head, “Nothing at all! We took pictures and talked for a little bit and we both noticed she was looking at our interlocked fingers. I looked at Phil and he just smiled. Phil looked at me and gave me the look. I thought about it for a moment and nodded back to him. Her face lit up, “Anything!

22nd Anniversary Update! January 21, 2018

December 14, Antoinette and Kevin Patterson, a married couple and parents of two, continue to identify as polyamorous, meaning they maintain multiple relationships with the consent of everyone involved, and have since the beginning of their relationship 15 years ago. Maybe, they said, after they got married. Today, Antoinette, 35, and Kevin, 38, still date other people. The parents of two continue to identify as polyamorous, meaning they maintain multiple relationships with the consent of everyone involved, and have since the beginning of their relationship 15 years ago.

Related stories I didn’t “marry down.

The hardest Dan and Phil quiz you will ever take. I doubt even they could get %. Questions will get harder and harder!

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The fans were being particularly persistent today about getting Phil on the show, especially since their last video was of them coming out, so he was feeling particularly nice today and complied. He turned back as he heard Phil enter the room. What did they say? He leaned over to look at the screen and started giggling.

The Dan and Phil Sexuality Post. UGHHHH here we go. The Dan and Phil Sexuality Post: Before I begin, I would just like to state that everything that is about to be explained is my own opinion of the events that have taken place.

What caused the Little Ice Age? By Phil Plait February 1, 7: The period is known as the Little Ice Age, and its cause has always been something of a mystery. However, new research by scientists at the University of Colorado-Boulder yay team! Radiocarbon dating of plants from Baffin Island north of the Hudson Bay in Canada and sediment samples from a lake in Iceland indicate that there was a rapid onset of severe cooling at that time. More importantly, this narrows down the cause of the LIA: The ash would have darkened the atmosphere, letting slightly less sunlight down.

Some of the gases emitted by volcanoes also cool the air. It seems clear these volcanoes are what triggered the Little Ice Age. But why did it last so long? That may be due to what happened after the volcanoes erupted. Most likely, the warmer temperatures would have melted the north polar sea ice. This would have slowed the transport of heat from the equatorial waters back up north, cooling them further. That system is what maintained colder temperatures for so long.

Are Dan and Phil bisexual?

He is an English Youtuber who started out in — in internet years that is akin to being a grandfather. Information about his parents are unknown but he has a brother, an older sibling named Martyn. Lester and his brother Martyn had their high school education at Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School.

Dan and Phil present their new stage show – Interactive Introverts. Two internet dwelling, insecure nerds standing under the spotlight to give the people what they want: an epic interactive experience of rants, roasts, battles, stories and surprises that will make you laugh, cry, cringe and puts the audience in control unlike anything before!

Dan Howell is a British video blogger and radio personality. He is known for his YouTube channel danisnotonfire, which has reached over six million subscribers. But unfortunately, he dropped out from there because his interest was shifted to video blogging which he later took up as his profession. His best friend Phil Lester was also a best BBC Radio presenter of the town who encouraged him to join his passion and that led him to reach across his destiny within the very time.

He is also very popular on the YouTube and his channel danisnotonfire has a high subscription rate. His father was work at a departmental store and his mother runs a beauty parlor and she was also a hair designer with ramp shows. Additionally, Dan also loves watching football and is a huge supporter of Manchester United. Dan is also passionate about painting and tries his hand doing some.

He has an attractive personality. During his college times, he was said to be a romantic and handsome boy who had a unique style and presentation. This also is the reason why he is liked by many of his fans today. With the great success with his YouTube channel with a high subscription, he is also able to earn an exclusive amount of salary and ultimately that led him to earn net worth of amount that is around 2 million pounds.

Favorite if you are a bottom. Similarly, in , he had done a shady sub tweet by mistake which landed him in a bit of controversy.

Does Dan ( danisnotonfire ) or Phil ( AmazingPhil ) have girlfriends?

GIFs — pronounced “gifs”, “jifs” or “gee-oafs” — can do the same thing. If you’ve ever been to an NFL game, you know how close fans can be to NK to perform national anthem at Super Bowl LII January 08, We’re currently in the process of finding out who will play in the final game of the season, but the non-football related entertainment portion of Super Bowl LII is now set.

The league announced Monday that Pink — or P!

Daniel James “Dan” Howell (born 11 June ) is an English YouTuber and former radio personality. He is best known for his YouTube channel Daniel Howell (formerly known as danisnotonfire), which has reached over six million subscribers.

In the video, they answer questions from viewers and draw cat whiskers on their faces. New episodes are released annually, so watch all eight now, and get ready for this year’s. These videos are painfully relatable. Dan even plays a little jingle at the beginning, which all die-hard fans know well! It’s definitely the most iconic gaming series they have, and by the end, you’ll be a little bit too invested in the life of their shared Sim, Dil Howlter. One time he drank coffee out of a Winnie the Pooh mug while filming, so you can see how seriously he actually takes our submissions.

Well, this series has just as much British and baking, but a surplus of bad puns and mistakes. The holiday themed episodes really put the icing on the cake, so don’t skip them. The series has grown over the years, with visits to New York, London, Japan, and most recently, Australia. It also includes a festive video in which Dan and Phil decorate their flat and wear Christmas jumpers!

Watch for midnight-snacking, pajama-wearing, pillow-hugging goodness when you find yourself laying awake at an ungodly hour. Tumblr Tag Ah, Tumblr

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Share this article Share The year-old actor revealed that his daughter Willow, seven, sketched five potential designs for the iconic ball gown. Speaking on This Morning, he said: During the filming and the process of developing the film, they were working on the dress – what style, what colour. Dan Stevens, who plays the Beast and the prince in the movie, revealed that his daughter helped design Belle’s showstopping yellow dress that features in the movie ‘It was very hot’: The Downton star revealed he had to wear a ‘muscle suit’ made of grey Lycra, which weighed 40lbs ‘During that time Emma Watson came over to our house for dinner.

Dan and Phil (previously known as The Radio 1 Request Show) was a British radio show hosted on BBC Radio 1 on Sunday evening, by presenters Dan Howell and Phil Lester, who are most commonly known as Dan and Phil.

At first most designers were against this trend but within a few weeks everyone started to love flat design. Flat design is not revolutionary new and have been here for a while but it became popular only after Windows Phone was introduced back in late Before that each tech startup and startup of any kind were trying to use glare effects, realistic graphics and other fancy elements borrowed from Apple design books.

Now rolles have been shifted and Apple is copying Microsoft. I know that you will argue, like any other Apple fan would, but think for a second from where flat design come from and which company was the last one to apply it to their products? In flat design the main attention goes to typography, minimalistic elements by leaving out complex gradients, shadows, bevels, feathered effects or 3D appearances. Since I am learning graphic design I decided to create a list of flat logo design examples for inspiration.

Not all of these logos will get nominates as logo of the year but still you will get an idea how flat logos are designed. I othered this list from various sources but majority of them comes from Dribbble, which is by far the most popular resource for graphic designers. Some logos are from Behance which is another great resource for design inspiration.

22nd Anniversary Update! January 21, 2018

Why are the Jonas Brothers so amazing? In my case its because they are sweet, funny, gorgeous, talented, gentelman. I love them for who they are, and though a lot of people may hate them, i know that they are just missing out on all the amazing things that these thr…ee boys do. MORE What is so amazing about the dumbo octupos? Okay, I’m going to try to be nice here..

Sexy Internet Dating is two videos made by Dan Howell and Phil Lester. The first video they made was filmed in Manchester and the second video was made in London, hense the name ‘Sexy Internet Dating – London’ Its Valentines day and Dan and Phil decide to troll people on the new dating app Dan.

Just a few days ago, however, Phil had admitted to his friends that people sitting in his lap turned him on, so really, Drew was the fucking devil. The game continued, the group of friends daring each other to drink more and making each other reveal embarrassing truths. Dan had dared Drew to kiss Eric, both of whom had grimaced in disgust, and in retaliation Eric dared Dan to remove his shirt, which he did with a vibrant blush on his face.

He groaned, bucking slightly against his boyfriend, before managing to control himself. His friends were still laughing, the bastards. Somehow, the game got even more disgusting and demanding mainly for Dan and Phil until it got to the point where Phil outright refused. Finally, Phil caught on. Dan had blushed thoroughly throughout the entire conversation, but by the end of it Phil knew that he was a fan of both voyeurism and praise. Unfortunately, Phil knew that it was his close relationship with his friends that was his downfall.

He shared everything with them and had even told them that he and Dan had admitted their kinks to each other. With a whole lot of prying, his friends had gotten it out of him.

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