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The name’s BlackRose Rose for short , I’m just a burnt college grad, looking for work, getting my life together, and often crying in the process. Watch me descend into madness right before your very eyes! Oh, and I have this silly dream of making my own comics and novels, so I started a webcomic called “My New Friend is a Cat”. I think it’s pretty good, but then, I drew it so of course i think that. Drunken burps and a biting chill filled the air. That could only mean one thing….

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Comment, Rate, Like, Share, Review, whatever you wanna do. The strange girl had seemed right at home in a saddle, but claimed she had never ridden in one, let alone one on a dragon. But she had also said she couldn’t be sure, as she couldn’t remember much about herself or the life she had lived. Hiccup had guessed she was around 18, she told him she couldn’t confirm it. It was very late when they reached the village, but Hiccup’s father wouldn’t let him in without an explanation. To top that off, Astrid had been there also.

Aug 24,  · The whole purpose why I made this video was because I make excited for DreamWorks dragons race to edge season four and by the way I do not own any of these pics.

Oh yeah, I forgot they didn’t know about dragon riders. There was complete silence until a muscular man parted the crowd and came up to me. Why are you here? Why are you riding a dragon!? Why was he asking so many questions? I am Astrid Hofferson. I am here to check on my friend Hiccup, who came here on chief buisness. I am riding dragon because on Berk we have made peace with them. Now I have some questions of my own. He’s locked up, you will be too.

The people started to close in, but if they haven’t forgotten, I’m on a dragon. I told Stormfly to get us out of there, but I had no intention of leaving, not without Hiccup. I swooped down and circled around their village, looking for where the dungeons might be. I spotted a opening into the hillside and decided to try there.

HTTYD Story: “Mating – Part 1”

Jun 6, This story was originally meant to be a response for the 50 Sentences challenge, but it turned out to be something totally different. I hope you enjoy. How to Train Your Dragon Characters: Hiccup, Astrid, Toothless There was a time that no one would, in any circumstances, venture to believe that a young, unassuming boy like Hiccup would ever find his place in the tribe. The gravity of his clumsiness had once made him an outcast from the other Vikings, and even from his own father.

Jun 30,  · Astrid is also seen doodling on Hiccup’s map of the world in How to Train Your Dragon 2. According to the director Dean DeBlois, Astrid has contributed just as much to that map as Hiccup has. [4] In ” No Dragon Left Behind “, Ruffnut notes that Astrid has great artistic skills after seeing her drawing of Stormfly and : (1st film, the three specials, ROB and DOB), (DTDR and RTTE), 20 (2nd film).

You must really like that metal rod more than me, huh. Even me standing close behind you like this failed to get your attention. Maybe I should stick that metal rod in your ass next time.. Out of nowhere Hiccup suddenly felt something cold and sinister behind him. Considering he was working in the forge right now, it was weird to feel anything cold here. But this cold air is choking and uncomfortable. Hiccup turn around and jumped, freaked out to see Astrid glaring at him.

Hi Astrid,” ‘greet’ Hiccup to Astrid. What are you doing here? Can’t I come here to see you? You must be really having fun with that metal rod to consider me a nuisance,” Astrid was still glaring. It is a new connecting rod that I was making for Toothless’ saddle,” Hiccup’s eyes lightened up, his face brightened mentioning this. Astrid knew that Hiccup is always happy inventing something new.

How to Train Your Dragon 3 unveils official title and first storyline details

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Movies How to Train Your Dragon. Follow/Fav Love, Secrets, Run. By: that random girl This is a httyd story but with a twist, it has the same timeline as the first movie but the events are different. What if Hiccup and Astrid have always been a couple but no body knew? What will happen what Hiccup has to fight the dragon in the ring?

Hiccup explains to the viewer he is a small Viking, and doesn’t have the strength or skill that his fellow Vikings have and is somewhat overlooked and not taken very seriously amongst his tribe. He also explains that his tribe celebrates strong dragon slayers, and he desperately seeks to become one. His father does not wish for his son to be hurt, especially because he doesn’t have the strength to survive, and generally avoids having him included in the more violent aspects of the tribe.

During a raid, Hiccup shoots down a rare and greatly feared dragon called a Night Fury with a bolas cannon that he made, but no one believes him. Attempting to get proof, Hiccup goes to the woods and finds the downed dragon. He threatens to kill the dragon saying he will cut out the dragon’s heart and take it to his father , but cannot bring himself to do such a task. Instead, he frees it, and it aggressively sizes him up before flying off to a canyon.

After being told that dragons are vicious and will always “go for the kill,” Hiccup returns to the forest, wondering why the Night Fury didn’t.

How to Train Your Dragon 3 is rocked by another major delay

This is an updated version. I added new hot pics. Hiccup was done at the Dragon Training Academy and was just about to go home. Astrid came up as if she wanted to ask him something about class. Follow them to the letter. Walk into the forest until you find the hollow tree.

Astrid moved up the stairs and not a minute later Toothless came down them looking quite frightened. Hiccup shook his head, he never knew how Astrid managed to forcefully make Toothless do things. >>There was running footsteps and Astrid appeared wide eyed.

A community dedicated to Hiccup and Astrid Romance oneshots. Enter here if you wish to see ‘in character’ cute oneshots about the most amazing pairing out there! I would mostly accept a “what if-” when Hiccup leaves Berk with Toothless; the rest I’ll have to read it and see if I can approve it or not. Luckily, I am not extremely critical I might not even be critcal at all!

PM me if you have any. Please send me a PM if you know of a story or are writing a story featuring such a character. Wolfie-Dragon 13Toothless x Stormfly Though they are few and not easy to find they exist. As the title suggests this is for toothless x stormfly relationships. I would prefer only Dragons: PM me if you found such a story. I will accept most stories but allow me time to read them first before I put them in.

They don’t have to be that well written but can’t be too many mistakes either. They don’t have to be completed either.

Astrid Hofferson

Edit Astrid is tall and thin which is unusual for a viking but it provides her with an advantage of agility and speed. She has long blonde hair which is normally in her headband and in a ponytail that is braided. Astrid wears a burgandy colored skirt with spikes on it, a skull belt, and a bag on her hip. Her shirt is a brown color with metal shoulder pads that have skulls on them.

Sometimes you even see her with a battle axe.

What if Hiccup was a girl and things don’t go quite the wauy dreamworks planned? What I think How To Train Your Dragon should have been like Female!Hiccup – Hiccup/Tuffnut – AU/Alternate Universe Minor: Astrid/Ruffnut – Fishlegs/OC – Snotlout/OC.

Saphirabrightscale A new girl on the island tries to be Hiccup’s girlfriend but Hiccup says he belongs to Astrid. The sun is shining, the sky is clear, and the dragons are flying. It was one of the regular days in Berk and Hiccup was on his way from Gobber’s shop after making new saddles. Things had been better for Hiccup since the battle of the Green Death and Hiccup’s days had been busy since then. Hiccup days were filled with: Since Hiccup has woken Astrid and he were officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

They might have problems and seem like opposites but they were other than that still have a good relationship. Astrid once admitted to Hiccup she had a secret crush on him since they were kids. So far things were going great between them. Hiccup then began going to Astrid’s house so they can go on the date they were planning since yesterday when he was blocked in the way by someone he hoped he wouldn’t see at this time. Bergit Vilatia was the leader and the oldest of her group.

They call themselves “The beautiful and so better than you” group. They always teased Hiccup’s friends especially Astrid and Bergit always had tried to flirt with Hiccup. Hiccup guessed it’s so she be known as the “heroes girlfriend”.

All Hiccup And Astrid Kiss Scenes

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