Inspired by Art Today’s post is a day late, but for a good reason. This one was really hard! Coming up with an idea wasn’t a problem because I already knew what I wanted to do. It was the execution that was so difficult. I had to start over a couple times, and just ran out of time last night. Now that it’s finally done, I really don’t want to take it off!

Opi dating a royal swatch

It has been such a long time since I have been on here! I thought that my blog had a virus and I wasnt able to access it so after a while I stopped trying. Yesterday my friend and flatmate started her very own nail blog so I came on to check it out and log so I could follow her and what do ya know, I could get onto my blog again!

Here is the OPI Mod About Brights collection that I meant to post: That’s Hot! Pink, Mod-ern Girl, Brights Power, The “It” Color, Green-wich Village, Dating a Royal.

It was really grey, cold, and almost no light. Rare for North Carolina! Despite it being the worst day, I think this is one of the best polishes that I own. So good in fact, that the last time I wore this, I had the following exchange with my cousin. I thought that was going to be much weirder. Thumbnail close-up so you can hopefully see the blue, red and purple shimmer.


I don’t see any serial numbers on the handles on my Ulta ones. They do have serial numbers near the bottom of the glass bottle. On the ones I just got off ebay I think I am going to assume they are fake. My mother in law got them for me with her account and she is going to see if I can return them or go through ebay to dispute it.

Opi Rocker Chic Nails Make sure you get hold of the ‘it’ nail colors of the Fall in order to sport some of the breathtaking hues paired with your perfectly polished ma.

These nails may not seem that exciting, but they were a huge deal for me. Like, get-home-at am-and-do-your-nails-with-your-new-polish huge deal. Unfortunately, do to the limited quantity nature of indie polish, it’s usually expensive and hard to get. So the lovely ladies at Ninja Polish decided to pay homage to Lynn’s coveted polish, at a much more reasonable price.

However, because there are a frightening number of nail-obsessed people just like me all around the world, Sticks n Stones also proved incredibly hard to get. I kept signing up to be notified when it was back in stock, but was never near a computer when I received that magical email–until a day in July when I was on family vacation. I didn’t have my computer, actually, but I needed the polish so desperately I managed to order and pay for it from my BlackBerry.

Five days later, when I got home from vacation, it was in my mailbox, and I’ve never been happier about anything. Except that one time I saw six pugs all running around a plaza in Madrid. That was maybe the happiest moment of my life. Sticks n Stones is a bit of a stubborn glitter, and the large glitters definitely do need to be placed. As you can see I only managed to get one jumbo hex glitter out of the bottle, and it ended up looking real weird on my pinky. I got tons of compliments from customers at work on these nails.

Well, mostly people were just like, “Wow, those are

Lips & Lacquer

Kinda It’s kinda lying to call this post “OPI Swiss” since I only got 4 of the 12 colors in the collection but in my defense I have this new rule. I am trying my very hardest to stick to it but it’s nearly impossible. Normally if a collection has more than 3 colors I like I just buy the whole thing so I can review it on my blog but I have found that this leaves me wishing I had spent my money on other things and regretting buying butt loads of fugly polish just for my blog.

So meet the new me! I only buy shit I actually like. So, unless I hit the lottery go ahead and get used to me posting partial collections.

Here is a dupes list I have found different ones in different places and put them together. I can not remember all the places that I have seen them so Thank You to anyone that has posted any dupes.

Wednesday, 15 May A collection of my past nail art! I decided to dump a pile of my older pictures to give this blog some body. As you can see I absolutely love nail stamping! I also really enjoy trying new techniques, I’m currently dying to try a water spotted manicure! I apologise as some of the pictures are quite grainy or slightly blurred – when I took them I never imagined I’d one day be posting them on a blog I’m also cringing at my sad cuticles in some of these pictures!

Design is from Big-SdP-A. I used a sally hansen salon manicure polish called Jaded and it was very thick but un-pigmented I was on weekend holiday and it was the only colour I brought with me BIG mistake haha. I then used a dotting tool to add the different colored spots.

Offers by KAV Plus Limited

I don’t know what’s been wrong with me. I think i just got in a really big funk. I’ve been doing my nails just not posting on my blog. So i have a lot of manicures to write about. I was sitting on the couch the other night trying to figure out what color to paint my nails! I love how shiny it looks and i just love jellies!

OPI – Ski Teal We Drop 8. OPI – Dating A Royal (3 coats) China Glaze – First Mate Paints flakies french glass fleck glitter glitter gal green harry potter hauls helmer Hidden Treasure holo glitter holographic jelly kleancolor Konad layering m2 M64 m69 m75 milani nail decals nail polish strips nail prism Nail Savvy nail wheels.

This quote stuck with me while I was applying my nail polish last night. I’ve been lemming OPI’s Dating a Royal for a long while, and when I read reports saying that it was very jelly, I quickly tracked it down and worked out a swap. And the bottle came, and the color was great. Not as great as I was expecting, but still great. Not to be deterred, I started to apply.

And the first coat was magic But then the second coat went on, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it was sadly buttery and opaque. And that was that. A perfectly opaque lovely shade of blue. Maybe I had put this up on a pedestal for too long, but it’s not what I was expecting. Do I like it? Do I love it and want to wear it for days on end? It’s already been covered up with Absolutely Alice.

JustDandii 🙂

I have wavy and very thick, layered hair. The more hair I can get my hands on, the better. Or something like that.

My Collection My Wishlist Disclosure Contact Me My Collection a-england. Ascalon Avalon Beauty Never Fails Dating A Royal. Designer De Better! Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh? Die Another Day Dim Sum Plum. Jelly Jelly Bean Orchid Pacific Fever Pacific Splash Peach Paradise Pink Hibiscus Sea Breeze Swirl.

Elke lipstick in Java Aveda lipstick in Sheer Ambrosia: Bourjois Beige Noir lipstick Chanel Copacabana lipstick: DCA lipstick Chanel Gold lipstick: Cosmetic Factory 12 a. Milani Desire Chanel Glossimer in Blizzard: Almay Serene lipstick Clinique Nude Ice lipstick: Body Shop 01 lipgloss Garden botanika Apple Blossom: Prestige beigy pink Garden Botanika lipstick in CatTail: Prestige Fizz lipgloss Revlon Glossing lipstick:

LuLaRoe Floral Nicole Dress Inspired Nail Art!

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OPI collections 2011

Floss Gloss – swatches Hey Guys, So I know I’ve been out of action for like, a month, what with my exams then heading back to Galway and a pile of other poopy things, I really haven’t felt any love for nail polish for a while. But I’m back and back with some swatches. Seriously these are insanely sweet. Not to mention how cute the packaging they came in and they had stickers which of course are on my lappy top.

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Pin It I am so digging jelly polishes these days!! But they are hard to find by where I stay and I am on a mission to make some. Recently after Revlon launched some new polishes here I saw Revlon’s Royal, a blue jelly polish. I suspected I had something very similar in my stash of untrieds. OPI’s Dating a royal. Its a jelly finish leaning towards creme. Now I suspect this is really close to Revlon Royal.

I stamped with BM with the bold roses design Stamping polish: Konad silver and konad white for accent.

Swatch My Stash – OPI Part 14

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