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Today, official policy in Chinese business culture forbids giving gifts; this gesture is considered bribery, an illegal act in this country. Consequently, your gift may be declined. In many organizations, however, attitudes surrounding gifts are beginning to relax. In any case, you will have to approach giving gifts with discretion, as outlined in the following points. If you wish to give a gift to an individual, you must do it privately, in the context of friendship, not business. The Chinese will decline a gift three times before finally accepting, so as not to appear greedy. You will have to continue to insist.

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Algerians will simply greet saying “bonjour” and “comment ca va” -When Algerians see someone, they often exclaim “ooooooooo”, with wide open eyes and a huge smile to show that they are happy to see the person -Greetings between Algerians often involve kissing on both cheeks sometimes 4 times , with a firm handshake -Algerians then ask each other several questions about health and family Conversation: Anecdotes are often very extravagant.

Algerians do not like to do business in restaurants and coffee shops and will often decline an invitation to go for dinner or coffee after office hours -Negotiations are often interrupted by phone calls and people coming in and out of the office -Gifts are often not part of business. Beware however that corruption is widespread and often involve money and commissions -Bureaucracy often slows down the business process -Algerians often make promises they do not keep.

A handshake is a globally widespread, brief greeting or parting tradition in which two people grasp one of each other’s like hands, in most cases accompanied by a brief up-and-down movement of the grasped hands.. Using the right hand is generally considered proper etiquette. Customs surrounding handshakes are specific to cultures. Different cultures may be more or less likely to shake hands.

The best time to visit Algeria for a Saharan safari is Apr-Mar or Oct-Nov as conditions are less fierce and the rest of the country is dry and relatively warm. Oct also coincides with the annual date harvest, whilst in spring the hillsides of the north bound with new life and there are far fewer crowds around key cultural sites and beach resorts. Algeria’s archaeological and UNESCO sites are dotted across the country with Algiers, Constantine, Tiddis and Oran offering endless historical intrigue as well as a chance to witness the French, Roman and Moorish manipulation that still play an important part in the country today.

Presiding over the grubby white roofs adorned with satellite dishes, aerials and corrugated iron, the Kasbah of Algiers stands as testament to strategic town planning as well as an example of how life in North Africa has continued in much the same way since the Maghreb era. Going on a guided tour of one of the world’s largest kasbahs leads you past the mosques, souks and hammams where street food, community values and views over the twinkling Bay of Algiers reign supreme. Oasis towns of Taghit, Beni Abbes and Timimoun, provide great starting points with mud brick houses, twisting streets and sand-like, weather-beaten, ksars castles , which were once the battlegrounds for Algeria’s most legendary scraps between Berber tribes and the French army.

Things not to do in Algeria Most visits are trouble free, however terrorism is sadly a reality of travelling in these times. However, over recent years, the threat has been from Daesh formerly referred to as ISIL , with attacks against the police in Constantine in and These include staying away from areas within 30kms of Libya, Tunisia, Niger and Mali, sections of the Sahara.

Although Algiers is fascinating, it would be a shame not to explore more of Algeria. Staying in one place is just not the done thing in Algeria, so fly into the desert or drive overland as Algeria offers an array of historical sites and cultural treasures just waiting to be unveiled. Chat to local guides, drivers and accommodation hosts, in French or even Arabic, and you’ll find smiles broaden and heads nod more naturally.

If you’d like to chat about Algeria or need help finding a holiday to suit you we’re very happy to help.

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There is a high population of Jewish Ethiopians and their weddings mix both their traditional Jewish customs with elements of a traditionally ethnic Ethiopian culture. Ethiopian Jewish Wedding Once a boy reaches the age of 18, his parents will start to seek out a wife for him. Both the girl and boys’ fathers handle all the matchmaking and courtship matters.

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They must co-operate with and show respect for their teachers, all adults and the other children Good discipline is a prerequisite of kids to enable school teachers to be able to teach a group of children the skills they will rely on for the rest of their lives. If School Etiquette in its many aspects is not spelt out for them, how are they to know what the boundaries are? To help kids we have provided some simple guidelines for them to follow please see below.

It would help the education system immensely if children including older students arrived at school well disciplined, well mannered, obedient and respectful of adults. Without discipline and respect, teachers would have an unruly bunch of juveniles following their own agenda and there would be chaos. Teach them the three R’s before they get to school: Respect for self; Respect for others and to accept Responsibility for all their actions.

They fear that standards of behaviour in today’s generation have slipped below acceptable limits. Examples of this are clearly seen everyday on TV, the streets, public transport and wherever young people gather in numbers. The kids are simply emulating this deplorable adult conduct. We therefore urge parents to please take charge and be better role models for your kids to learn from.

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In Algeria, as elsewhere, spoken Arabic differs very substantially from written Arabic; Algerian Arabic has a much-simplified vowel system, a substantially changed vocabulary with many new words and many words from Berber, Turkish, and French, and, like all Arabic dialects, has dropped the case endings of the written language. Within Algerian Arabic itself, there are significant local variations; Jijel Arabic, in particular, is noteworthy for its pronunciation of qaf as kaf and its profusion of Berber loanwords, and certain ports’ dialects show influence from Andalusi Arabic brought by refugees from al-Andalus.

Algerian Arabic is part of the Maghreb Arabic dialect continuum, and fades into Moroccan Arabic and Tunisian Arabic along the respective borders. In the Sahara, more conservative Bedouin dialects, grouped under the name Saharan Arabic, are spoken; in addition, the many Sahrawi refugees at Tindouf speak Hassaniya Arabic.

Jun 18,  · Dating and etiquette around the world Friday, June 18, Algeria etiquette Philosophy of life: Algerian life is inspired by Islam and by Arab and Berber values-As Algerians watch a lot of French television and read French media, many middle class Algerians believe that French values are superior to Algerian values.

What do Arabs think of American women and why do they marry them? Due to school or other social engagements their paths crossed. The problem lies with these American women are not Muslim and do not know how to differentiate between a pious good Muslim husband prospect and a bad prospect. In general everything that is normal to them in America like dating, sex outside of marriage, partying, drinking alcohol, mixing with the opposite sex– is wide spread normal American life, yet they do know how this is really a lethal mix.

Certainly prayer 5 times a day is not key determining factor for a great Muslim husband, but it is a part of a mix of traits that will help the American women know that he is generally a good guy and okay to consider marrying him. What do Arabs think about American women? That every Muslim around you will suspect he married you for a Green Card and even if they smile in your face they will think this automatically. He may have often been raised in such a pure society where trusting everyone is given no thought and then he lands in America and he realizes that trust level just does not exist even with his Arab buddies.

How does his friends influence him? His friends will strongly discourage him marrying you, especially if you have children from a previous marriage. A pious Muslim man will know that if he marries an American and helps to raise your kids that it is a great blessing. Do all Arab men marry based on this intention? No, certainly there are many happy healthy marriages.


In general, Canadians are a mostly friendly, unpretentious people who value honesty, sensitivity, empathy and humility in their relationships with friends and strangers, as well as respect for the privacy and individualism of others. Ties and jackets for men have become increasingly uncommon in all but the most formal or high-ranking office settings. Roles and Formalities Canada is usually considered a mostly egalitarian country in the tradition of other western democracies, meaning respect for hierarchy is not considered a particularly important value in daily life.

Most Canadians are strong individualists of one form or another, and will dislike changing too much of their behaviour or personality to please others — indeed, such aggressive conformity may actually be scorned by others as phony or weak. Modern Canadian children are usually permitted to be relatively outspoken and independent from a young age, and may speak to adults, even teachers or parents, in the same casual way they do to friends.

Authority figures with obviously intimidating powers, such as police officers, will usually be given polite deference as well, though it should be noted that Canadian law and the Canadian Constitution grants individual Canadians significant legal rights to question or disobey authorities whom they have reason to believe are acting improperly.

Algerian Dining Etiquette. Learn or review dining etiquette for Algeria. Topics for include, among others, mealtimes and typical food, national drinks, toasts, table manners, tipping etiquette, business lunch etiquette, host etiquette, guest etiquette, regional differences, dining etiquette in the home, and dining etiquette at a restaurant.

Note the left-handed handshake. There are various customs surrounding handshakes, both generically and specific to certain cultures: The handshake is commonly done upon meeting, greeting, parting, offering congratulations , expressing gratitude, or completing an agreement. In sports or other competitive activities, it is also done as a sign of good sportsmanship.

Its purpose is to convey trust, respect, balance, and equality. If it is done to form an agreement, the agreement is not official until the hands are parted. However, it depends on the situation. In casual non-business situations, men are more likely to shake hands than women. In some countries such as Turkey or the Arabic -speaking Middle East , handshakes are not as firm as in the West. Consequently, a grip which is too firm is rude. You should only use your right hand as well.

Moroccans also give one kiss on each cheek to corresponding genders together with the handshake. Also, in some countries, a variation exists where instead of kisses, after the handshake the palm is placed on the heart.

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By Tamara Warta Many African brides wear kente cloth. African wedding traditions still exist today not only in Africa, but in American weddings as well. Many couples desire to add a bit of their roots and history into their ceremony and reception, personalizing their celebrations in beautiful and meaningful ways.

The Beauty of African Wedding Traditions African Americans know the rich history that comes from the land of their ancestors and how diverse African culture really is.

Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space The population of Algeria is split evenly between urban and rural settings. The center of old cities is the casbah (Arabic for fortress), a market of serpentine alleyways and intricate arches where a variety of traditional crafts are .

Skin, hair and eye colour vary greatly. Nine out of ten people live along the northern coastal region, where the major towns and cities are situated. In the Saharan regions of the south, some communities remain nomadic or semi-nomadic, such as the Tuaregs and Gnawa. Most people speak a North African dialect of Arabic known as darja. But education and the written language are in classical Arabic.

However, younger generations tend to be less fluent in French, since schooling is in Arabic. Around a fifth of the population speaks Berber as their mother tongue. Rather than learning Arabic, many Berbers prefer to use French as their choice of second language. The place of religion The vast majority of Algerians are Sunni Muslims, though in some places, there are minority groups of Christians. Some of the population practice very traditional versions of Islam, where women wear hijab dress, covering everything except the face and hands, and men leave beards untrimmed.

Other Algerians prefer a more moderate religious approach and Western-style dress is common. In certain places, such as Ghardaia — see Map — Islamic dress codes are enforced in public. Dance, music and the arts Algerian culture has been experiencing something of a revival, with traditional forms of dance and music such as Chaabi becoming more widely taken up once again.

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These women are either born into the religion or have converted to the faith at some point in their lives. The Role of Muslim Women To understand Muslim women more, we need to look at their roles, rights and obligations as laid out in the Islamic faith. In Islam, the role of a Muslim woman is clearly defined. Islamic societies look up to women as the key to social continuity and the preservation of family and culture.

Algeria dating customs. Turkey. It gives power to implement, with the algerian women for free. Directory of the customs and hunt for marriage is an algerian women are campaigning for free to establish the process of islam? We go to ensure international comparability of courtship and etiquette in some of divorced algerian law other dating.

Avoid offensive assumptions and behavior by understanding the position of women in Algerian society: Boost your knowledge about how things work in Algeria to avoid insulting its people or their heritage. Both men and women can make a better impression and show respect by understanding how women are viewed in Algeria: As a woman, you’ll gain insight on how to blend in with dress and behavior and make appropriate travel or business plans to fit in with cultural norms. Algeria Women in Culture answers the following types of practical questions: How are women and girls treated in this country?

Are there dress code restrictions for women?

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